R programming

What is R?

R is statistical programming language created for developing and building enhanced analysis, visualization, data mining and so on,related with data. Includes a number of packages, and being open-source allows R to be accepted by many developers and statisticians.

R in rank

Last years its ranking is rising and after acquiring Revolution Analytics by Microsoft helped R to boost its popularity.Revolutionary Analytics (current name is Microsoft R)  is the statistical software company developed open source versions of R for each customer types.

KDnuggets 2014 poll

According to KDnuggets' poll survived in 2014, that asked responders "What programming/statistics languages you used for an analytics / data mining / data science work in 2014?" for broad result visit the link. As shown in graphic below, R seizes the most part of pie in related field.
Several surveys reveal R is in top 10 popular programming languages.In another research,rising popularity of R is in demand.For source of this research click the link.

After the acquisition of Microsoft, integration of SSAS and SSRS tools to R has been developed.
To give some general information, R includes packages and for utilized purpose we need to plan which package to use and install.
In further topics I shall give broad explanation about visualization and data wrangling tools, also Kaggle several sample dataset will be used. Kaggle is the greatest platform where data scientist meet, you can take sample dataset,test it,share it,observe others' solution.
To get some general information,check it out: